Candidate experience analytics

Last year I started a new job—the 4th job in my career. The first day in a new job is not getting better or easier with age.

The first day (in fact, the first week) it’s pretty standard for any new hire: meet the team, try not to forget where the toilet is, locate the coffee machine and watercooler, take the mandatory new-hire training, try to understand what you will be doing in this job. 
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New hires have too many slow times in their first week with or without a very well-established onboarding program. A light-bulb moment came to me:

Since new hires have free time in their first week and they crave to do something productive, wouldn’t this be an excellent period to survey them about the recruitment process? 

  • Fresh memories – new hires recently ended the recruitment process, they have all things clear in their head, no need to try to remember each step;
  • Double down on things that work – it’s a great way to understand the good parts of the recruitment process and what you should continue doing;
  • Optimize the recruitment process – understand what you can improve to get the best results using the same resources.
  • Subjectiveness – new hires might have a positive perspective of the recruitment process since they got the job;
  • Not a full picture – the New Hires are a small part of the entire candidates that are involved in recruitment processes. Ideally would be to survey all candidates, not just the hires ones.
What to measure?
  • Were you actively looking for a job when applied/have been referred?
  • Have you applied before for a job in our company?
  • Have you considered applying for a job in our company?
  • Have you seen before any branding/advertising of our job openings? 
Job advertising
  • How did you find out about the job opening?
  • Have you seen an ad for the job opening on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin)?
  • On which social media platform do you spend more time?
  • Would you mind seeing a job opening ad on your favorite social media platform?
Job description
  • Was the company description insightful?
  • Have the duties and responsibilities been described clear?
  • Have the job requirements been described clear?
Application process
  • How would you rate the overall application process?
  • Do you feel it took you too long to fill your application?
  • Is there something that you would change/add in the application process?
Interviewing process
  • Was it clear from the beginning how many interviews you’ll have?
  • Was it clear from the beginning who the interviewers were?
  • Was it clear how long each interview will take?
  • Was it clear what format (discussion, test) each interview will be?
  • How do you feel about the duration between interviews? (too long/ok/too short)
  • How do you feel about the difficulty of the tests?
  • Are some additional tests you would recommend? (some specific skills)
  • Is there something that we should remove from the tests?
  • Was the offer acceptance process clear?
  • Have the administrative tasks post-offer acceptance been clear? (contract sign, providing documents)?
  • Do you feel that the onboarding process took too long?

All of the above are just suggestions for a survey and can be adjusted based on your recruitment process. The question types can vary based on the specificity of the problem and what you are looking to get from it: scale (1-5) to assess the effectiveness of multiple-choice or free text in case you might be looking for ideas.

You can build a survey starting from the above questions with any of your legacy surveying tools that you already use, or you can take a look at my list and choose one: 500 Remote Work Resources and Tools for HR people.

I haven’t seen any company running such a survey, and I genuinely think this can add so much value. I genuinely hope that this will make you consider implementing something like this in your organization.
I send an email every Thursday (or so), once I publish my weekly article. I also share some good content. Mostly HR related.