Dear recruiters, would you pay for this?

This is not one of my regular HR Tech or People Analytics articles with actionable advice, case studies, or guides. This is a post with the purpose of validating an idea I had for a long time and it’s mostly targeted to recruiters. So if not interested, you can skip this one and come back next week or read one of my other articles.

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Here’s the deal: Being part of multiple HR and Recruiters communities I keep seeing variations of the following question:

Where should I post this job to attract more/better candidates?

Especially in the last year, I see more often this question. In such a competitive job market I understand why people need advice on this. 

What I like about HR online communities is that people try to help other people as much as they can. Rarely a question like this does not get answers either from others who had experiences in recruiting for similar roles, either from others that have suggestions.

My question is: is there a service or a company that can provide a research report of what are the best online places to post a job opening? 

By online places, I am not talking only about job boards. The Internet is huge. I am talking about online communities, newsletters that accept job adverts, podcasts. Maybe even a Facebook audience selection for a sponsored post. Did you know that technical people spend a lot of time on Reddit and you can actually advertise jobs to them?

There are hundreds of Slack channels with job openings rooms and it’s FREE to post there (if the admins allow this).

I did my research and I couldn’t find a company or a person to provide such a service. Is there anyone doing this?

It sounds like a recruitment marketing research/analysis, but I haven’t seen any company in the market offering just this type of service.

I’m trying to validate if this is something worth building, if there is a need for a service/product like this and if recruiters/companies would pay for it.

I invite you to comment below your thoughts on this or fill this survey.