I built HR Jobs Remote

Almost a year ago, I built a job board to aggregate all open roles, from Romania. It got a lot of traction, more than I expected, and today it has over 1000 newsletter subscribers, with a 60% open rate and it’s the first result on google for “hr jobs Romania”. This month I joined the #nocodevember challenge started by Ben Tossell, the maker of makerpad.co and a great inspiration for no-code movement. The idea it’s simple: build something in November without code – so I built HRJobsRemote.com.


I am a huge fan and an active advocate of remote work. I think this will be the major disruptor when it comes to the future of work.

The paradigm of office work needs to change. We live in an era of connectivity, where technology enables ways of working we haven’t experienced before. Web conferences, instant messaging, documents transfer – all these don’t need anymore a physical presence or a mailman – just an internet connection.

Movements like Digital Nomads and people wanting to reconnect with nature are important factors also. Leaving the crowded and polluted big cities it’s an option now. Moving to Bali or Thailand and working for a European or US company is not just a dream.

I thought that remote work is suitable only for software engineers and designers. Then I had the opportunity to work from home 3 days per week. I was an HCM Implementation Consultant. I had colleagues that were working for decades from home offices and I met clients representatives, mostly HR and Payroll practitioners, that were working remote.

That’s when I realized: remote work will not be just a nice to have benefit, it will be the norm.


But it’s not a fast enough process. If the technical roles are much easier to move to a remote work style, the human resources tasks are not that easy to measure as the number of lines or quality of code written by a programmer. Also, it’s not easy to find HR remote jobs. For the last 2 years, I had Linkedin and Indeed email alerts for remote roles. In the beginning, I had daily alerts and to my surprise, the number of new jobs was increasing. What I want to emphasize is that there are A LOT of remote jobs for HR. The problem is how to find them.

Most of the job boards are not remote search-friendly. Often companies mention only in the job description that the role is remote. It’s hard to find a recruiter remote job.

There are a few great remote job boards, but companies are not lining up to post human resources roles there:

RemoteOk.io is a great resource for technical remote jobs.


What if I put together all remote jobs from all the traditional job boards? I know it’s something that I would use (not necessary for job applying, but because I want to stay connected to what new job requirements are in the market).

Let’s build it!


With all these places where remote jobs are posted, I wanted to automate the process of gathering these jobs as much as possible. So I started looking for web scrappers. And damn, there are a lot of scrappers. Just google “jobs scrapper”. After 3 hours of research, I picked 2 scrappers that had great tutorials and documentation: one for Indeed and one for Career Builder + Monster. Another 4 hours later (learning how to scrap jobs is not that easy), I found myself in front of an Excel file, with duplicated rows, sales recruiter jobs (mostly sales, less recruiter), unformatted job descriptions. I had over 400 remote jobs, but also another 3-4 hours of curation in front of me.

Then I remembered what I wanted to build in the first place: an easy way to search relevant HR remote jobs.

So I decided to manually scrap the jobs: navigate through these sites, make all search queries, handpick the relevant jobs and periodically update the jobs listing on HRJobsRemote.com.


Building this as part of #nocodevember and also being a non-technical person, my tech stack was limited. While I was thinking that it would be a good exercise to learn Webflow, a very powerful no-code site builder that I plan to use for a future project, I remembered that the scope of this challenge is to ship as fast as possible, otherwise, I might follow the procrastination route.

That’s why I chose the same tech stack I used for my Romanian HR Job Board: Table2Site – an easy way to generate a curated listing site from an Airtable base. I reminded myself of a lesson I often forget: stick to what you know best.

In less than 2 hours I had the site structure, mailchimp audience, google analytics done.

Now the only thing I had to do is to start to manually scrap those jobs. It took me 4 hours to gather 300 quality, hand-picked remote jobs. I have a full-time job, but 4 hours/week is a doable project on evenings and weekends to keep this project running.

Next steps?

Because I did not validate this idea before launching, we shall see if it gets traction. I did not set up any vanity metrics I want to touch.

In the end, I scratched my own itch. I was already watching the HR Remote Jobs market for a while.

The main communication channel will be the newsletter: whenever I will update the job listing, I will send an email to the mailing list. So make sure you subscribe here. I will share here and there, probably I will make a twitter account sometime in the future. Time will decide.


Remote work it’s here to stay. There are some industries where remote work is not feasible, but for the business processes jobs like human resources, remote work it’s a valid option. I want to bring my contribution to the movement with this project.

In case you want to help, subscribe to the newsletter and share a link to HRJobsRemote.com on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook (anyone still using Facebook?).

If you have any suggestions/feedback or simply want to say Hi, you can connect with me on Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.