Why employees are leaving companies

“Employees are leaving companies in record numbers, at rates we’ve not seen since the turn of the century.” – I read this article a while ago and kept thinking about it.

There are multiple reasons people leave companies much more than before (before = more than 10 years ago). Still, in my opinion, two of the not so talked reasons are the ability to learn stuff much more accessible and the ability to prospect the market demands.


10 years ago, if you wanted to learn about people analytics, project management, or logistics management, the only ways to do it were:

1) study this in university; 

2) find a written course. 

For any of the above, you had to invest time and energy to prepare for admissions to be selected. This is still happening and probably will happen for a long time. But nowadays, these are not the only options to learn. Maybe they are not even the best. School systems are still caught up in the industrial revolution era when their primary purpose was to prepare people to become cogs in the industry. Today we have Udemy, Skillshare, youtube videos, learning groups on slack, case studies, and many more sources from where we can learn new skills. Instead of admission, we just need the ability to assess the skills we want or need to learn – this leads to the second reason…


10 years ago, we were learning what school or others thought we should learn. Today we can read an article from an expert in a specific industry, go on Linkedin, search for that person, check the other 10 people Linkedin recommends us, check what they are doing, what technologies they know, what courses they followed, and replicate this. Moreover, we can connect with these people, ask them specific questions, ask them for career guidance, make a more clear perspective about the path we want to follow.


This is why I think employees are leaving companies at rates we’ve not seen before. They have access to information they didn’t have back then.

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